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If you have one or more years of unfiled tax returns, we can assist you in filing your late returns. Unfiled tax returns are considered a serious offense by the IRS, which can lead to increased back taxes and fines.

Expect the IRS to be relentless in its pursuit in the collections process. There is no statute of limitations on late-filed returns. The IRS can go back and access a tax deficiency along with penalties on any year. Although in practice, it’s rare for the IRS to go back beyond six-years’ worth of returns.

If you continue to delay filing your taxes, the IRS can freeze a refund and can even place a levy on your wages.

You may be able to qualify for penalty relief. There are two common types: first-time abatement (FTA) and reasonable cause. Taxpayers will need a clean compliance record to qualify for FTA.

Let the experts at Morris and Associates handle the IRS for your peace of mind to handle the tax preparation for past and current years. Even if you lack some documentation for prior years, we may be able to track it down for you. The sooner you contact us, the better.

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