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IRS Bank Levy

How Can I Stop an IRS Bank Levy Action? An IRS Levy is a hold on your money. The hold on your accounts could be up to the amount of the back taxes you owe. Did you receive a CP504

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State Bank Levy

How Do I Stop a State Bank Levy On Bank Account? A state levy is one of the harshest penalties a person can face for not paying their state taxes. The levy gives the taxing authority the legal right to

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Social Security Levy

How Do I Stop a Levy on My Social Security? If you’ve received a “Final Notice – Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice to Your Right to a Hearing,” you only have 30 days from the date on the

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IRS Wage Garnishment

How Do I Stop IRS Wage Garnishments? The sad truth: the IRS doesn’t take into consideration your expenses or unique circumstances when determining how much to garnish from your salary. The IRS wage garnishment can withhold over 50% of your

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State Wage Garnishment

How Do I Stop State Tax Wage Garnishment? State tax wage garnishments may withhold up to 25% of your paycheck. And this means your employer will continue garnishing your wages each paycheck until your state tax debt is fully paid.

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IRS Retirement Plan Seizure

Can the IRS Take Money From My 401(k)? Yes, the IRS can levy or garnish money from your 401(k) retirement account. The IRS can issue IRS Form 668(A) Notice to Levy to your 401(k) plan administrator instructing them to seize

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Business Tax Issues

Failure to File or Pay Employee Payroll Tax Are you a business owner who failed to submit employee payroll taxes or failed to file payroll tax returns and are concerned or now under investigation?  You could be in a serious

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Federal or State Tax Lien

How Can I Get Rid of a Federal Tax Lien? If you received an IRS Letter 3172 Notice of Federal Tax Lien or a similar letter from your state taxing authority, contact Morris and Associates as soon as possible. You

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Drivers License Suspension

Deliquent Back Taxes If you owe your state tax agency delinquent back taxes, some states have the legal right to suspend your driver’s license as well as any state-issued professional licenses. If your driver’s license was suspended due to delinquent

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Passport Issues

My Passport Application Was Denied or My Passport was Revoked If the IRS has certified that you have a seriously delinquent tax debt, i.e., you owe over $51,000 in back taxes that have not been resolved, then your passport can

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Foreign Bank Account Report

Are you facing tax challenges regarding Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)? If you held an interest or had signature authority over an account outside the United States worth more than $10,000 at any point during a calendar year, you must

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Revenue Officer Assignment

Visited by a Revenue Officer If a Revenue Officer field collector made a personal visit to my business or home or has been personally assigned to your tax collection case, this means the IRS is taking your case more seriously.

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