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State Wage Garnishment

How Do I Stop State Tax Wage Garnishment?

State tax wage garnishments may withhold up to 25% of your paycheck. And this means your employer will continue garnishing your wages each paycheck until your state tax debt is fully paid.

Did you know that state tax wage garnishments take precedence over all other wage garnishments? The only exceptions being court-ordered child support payments and federal tax debt. 

Most states will not agree to stop a state wage garnishment with a state installment agreement. Morris and Associates can reduce the amount of a state wage garnishment if you can show you are in hardship. If your state provides an offer in compromise resolution to state tax debt, Morris and Associates can help you determine if you qualify, and if so, we can stop a state wage garnishment.

Let Us Stop Your State Tax Wage Garnishment Now

Morris and Associates can stop a state wage garnishment! Our experienced team will negotiate a resolution to your state wage garnishment. 

Our goal is to stop state wage garnishment and resolve your state tax problem as quickly as possible.

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