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Tax Planning Year-Round

Most people try not to think about their taxes – let alone prepare for it – until the April 15 deadline. What many don’t realize is that to minimize the amount of taxes you pay, it’s crucial you make a

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Business Tax Planning

Partnerships, S-Corps, C-Corps, and LLCs As chaotic a year we had in 2020, businesses small and large will still have to pay their taxes. If you’re self-employed you may have to pay an estimated tax quarterly to avoid additional fines

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Retirement Tax Planning

One way to protect your retirement and get the most out of every dollar is the reduce the amount of taxes you pay. Every year, millions of Americans overpay in taxes and are never made aware of it. Below are

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Succession Planning

Without the right business succession plan, you leave your family-owned or privately held business vulnerable to higher taxes, ownership disputes, loss of revenue, or worse. A business succession plan needs to include a tax plan as it affects the value

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International and Expatriate Planning

The United States is one of only two countries that impose taxes on its citizens abroad. Although you can exclude all or part of your foreign income if you meet statutory foreign residence or physical presence abroad tests, you are

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Estate and Trust Planning

You worked hard for your money and assets. Why not do all you can to fully protect it from as much tax as possible available under the law? Provide your family with security and peace of mind by allowing us

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Social Security Planning

After decades of work, you deserve to celebrate and reflect on all you’ve achieved without having to worry if you’ll have enough to retire. What will help relieve this burden is ensuring you make the most of your well-earned Social

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Gig Worker Tax Planning

Gig workers continue to represent one of the fastest growing segments of the economy, but the way the self-employed (whether you’re fulltime or your gig is a side hustle) is different than as an “employee.” Because an employer isn’t withholding

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Charitable Giving Planning

The right tax strategy can help you determine how much to give, what asset to give, and when to give to your favorite charities while ensuring you receive full tax advantages you’re entitled to. Through charitable giving, you can defer

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Education Funding Approaches

Education Funding Approaches The cost of a college education is at an all-time high, so planning ahead by setting up a savings plan is always a smart play, which there are multiple options available these days: Contact Morris and Associates

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