Tax Resolution Services

Tax Resolution

Morris and Associates limit our practice strictly to focusing on solving and resolving IRS debt problems for individuals and businesses.

For over 38 years, we’ve provided aggressive strategies to manage our clients’ IRS debt, making it more affordable, providing reduction opportunities, or, best-case scenario, totally eliminating it altogether.

Our agents are licensed Enrolled Agents (EA). Based in the greater Suwanee, Georgia area our Tax Resolution Services, have helped individuals and small business owners significantly reduce their IRS tax debts. Depending on the situation, we can help you to manage your IRS tax debt in a number of different ways. We’re a team of licensed Enrolled Agents and experienced tax professionals who specialize in assisting clients with their IRS tax debt problems.


We will work with you to accomplish two objectives:

 – Protect your bank accounts, accounts receivable, business assets, personal assets, and wages from levies, garnishments, and seizures.
 – Identify and implement a tax resolution solution with minimal repayment or settlement amount. This can save thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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