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High Wealth Individuals

The IRS announced in 2021 that it would begin a new campaign to audit high-wealth individuals. Did you know the agency maintains a specialized, experienced group of examiners focused on conducting audits of high-income/high-wealth individuals? The Global High Wealth Industry

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Business Tax Returns

Partnerships, S-Corps, C-Corps, and LLCs To ensure your business is complying with current tax law, it’s important to bring in professions with experience filing returns for large and small businesses with complex tax requirements. If you’re concerned you’re following the

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Estate and Trust

Complying with trust and estate tax law requires a professional experienced in such matters. Morris and Associates has over 38 years’ experience solving and resolving our clients’ problems with the IRS, including for estate and trust matters. The various tax

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Not For Profit Returns

Although most tax-exempt organizations do not pay federal income taxes, most do have to file a return – Form 990. The type of Form 990 to be filed depends on the filing year and the gross receipts of the organization,

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Employee Benefit Plan Tax Returns

Employee Benefit Plans You can prevent unnecessary filing penalties and other IRS, DOL, and ERISA compliance issues by having a professional prepare your Form 5500 for your employee benefit plan. We can also advise you on structuring your employee benefit

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Accounting for Income Taxes

ASC 740 Tax laws are ever changing, which makes tax provision calculations increasingly difficult. If you have questions regarding ASC 740, give us a call. Complying with ASC 740 has become quite complex for not only public companies but non-profit

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Federal Tax Credits

Are you or your business fully taking advantage of all the federal tax credits that may be available to you? For individuals, there are many federal tax credits that are never taken advantage of from child and dependent care credits

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International Tax Compliance

Doing business around the world comes with its own set of tax compliance issues. To ensure you avoid significant penalties for noncompliance, maintain a tax-favored position, and lessen the risk of double taxation, it’s essential you a tax professional with

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State and Local Tax Compliance

State and local taxes (SALT) is often overlooked by business owners but can significantly have an impact their after-tax return. Furthermore, if neglected, it can lead to unnecessary penalty exposure. Morris and Associates can help you devise the right strategy

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IRS Representation

There’s probably nothing scarier than receiving an IRS audit letter. But remember, being the subject of an audit is not an indicator of guilt. The first thing to do is not to panic. The second thing to do is secure

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Charitable Giving Compliance

We can ensure you receive the full tax advantages you’re entitled to by reviewing your charitable contributions. It’s possible you can defer or reduce federal income tax, capital gains, and even estate taxes by charitable contributions Charitable giving tax strategies

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Education Funding Compliance

We can ensure you receive credits and deductions you’re entitled to from your education funding plans, such as the following: Contact Morris and Associates today for a FREE consultation today to receive what you’re entitled to.

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