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IRS Wage Garnishment

How Do I Stop IRS Wage Garnishments?

The sad truth: the IRS doesn’t take into consideration your expenses or unique circumstances when determining how much to garnish from your salary. The IRS wage garnishment can withhold over 50% of your paycheck. 

Getting a second job won’t help you get ahead, either. The IRS also has the authority to garnish 100% of your wage from your second job! 

IRS wage garnishment is the process in which the IRS orders your employer to withhold a set amount of your paycheck to repay your tax debt. 

To mitigate or even halt IRS wage garnishments, you need to hire an accountant who has experience dealing with the IRS and understands the tax code, your legal rights, and what options are available to you. At Morris and Associates, we have over 38 years’ experience dealing with such cases and have successfully been able to stop wage garnishments for over 80 clients. 

3 Tools We Can Use to Stop IRS Wage Garnishments

We can stop wage garnishments. Let our expertise and experience work on your behalf. 

Offer In Compromise

An Offer In Compromise is a repayment plan where you’ll only be required to pay a percentage of the tax debt you owe. We can negotiate with the IRS to find a compromise that not only satisfies the IRS but is affordable for you. Coming to an agreement on a compromise with the IRS is a complex process that takes into consideration several factors, such as income, expenses, and more.

Installment Agreement Plan

An Installment Agreement is a repayment plan that allows you to make small, incremental payments towards your tax repayment. Our goal with the Installment Agreement Plan is to enable you to make an affordable, on-time, monthly tax payment without leaving you strapped for cash every month.

Currently Non-Collectable (CNC) Status

For some people, being assigned to non-collectible status is the best option. Currently Non-collectable (CNC) status is assigned to you when the government has determined you are unable to pay your tax debt. To get this status, you will need to demonstrate that you are in economic hardship. The IRS will stop sending threatening letters and phone calls while you are classified as a CNC.

Let’s Get You Qualified and Stop Your Wage Garnishment Now

Morris and Associates can stop an IRS wage garnishment! Our experienced team will negotiate a resolution to your IRS wage garnishment. 

Our goal is to stop IRS wage garnishment and resolve your tax problem as quickly as possible. 

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