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IRS Bank Levy

How Can I Stop an IRS Bank Levy Action?

An IRS Levy is a hold on your money. The hold on your accounts could be up to the amount of the back taxes you owe.

Did you receive a CP504 Notice of Levy or LT11 Notice of Intent to Levy? 

If so, contact Morris and Associates immediately. The CP504 Notice of Levy indicates you are running out of time to resolve your tax problem.

You have the right to request a Collection Due Process (CDP) Hearing.

We can help you to file a request for your Collection Due Process (CDP) Hearing. You only have 30 days from the date on the LT11 Notice of Levy to request a hearing. The CDP Hearing will buy time to continue working with you to resolve your tax case. 

Let us help you schedule a CDP Hearing. 

We can also help you to persuade the IRS that you are in financial hardship. The Morris and Associates team are resolution specialists, accountants, and Enrolled Agents. Morris and Associates has the experience you need for handling CP504 and LT11 Notice of Levy matters. 

Trust Morris and Associates to assist you in resolving or settling your IRS tax problem. We have many tools at our disposal to help with your case. You may qualify for an IRS Installment Agreement, IRS Offer in Compromise, an Economic Hardship Partial Payment Plan, or even a Currently Non-Collectable (CNC) Status.

Let us help you determine the best resolution for you. Our goal is to stop an IRS Bank Levy and resolve your tax problem as quickly as possible. 

Contact Morris and Associates today for a FREE consultation.